Would like to know if IQOS is harmful? Is it helpful to quit smoking?

Recently, many friends are using e-cigarettes from IQOS. They claim that they are different from traditional e-cigarette e-cigarettes in that they heat tobacco rather than burn tobacco. According to developer Philip Morris, 90-95% of harmful substances can be reduced. Now popular in Japan, Europe, and Taiwan, I also consider buying it to my father who has been smoking for 30 years as an alternative to quitting smoking. But I saw this study from the University of Bern said that IQOS is actually not so good.

I wonder if there are other fair scientific research besides the reports provided by the manufacturers? IQOS is the abbreviation of I Quit Ordinary Smoking, which means “I quit smoking.” Although this cigarette is also an electronic cigarette, it is different from the more common vapor electronic cigarette (Vaper) on the market. It belongs to “Heated Tobacco Products” or “Heat-not-Burn Tobacco Products”. Simply put, the “smoke” of “heated smoke” is real tobacco, while the “steam smoke” does not have “smoke” (it just evaporates a liquid with nicotine and flavors into a gas). Therefore, the advantage of “heated cigarettes” such as IQOS is that they provide the same mouthfeel as traditional cigarettes. But whether it is “heated smoke” or “steam smoke”, their marketing methods are nothing more than claiming to “generate a lower amount of harmful substances” and “can help quit smoking.”

Advantages: 1. The cigarette tar is basically filtered, which reduces the harm to your body and others while taking nicotine (note that I am not sure about this and I am not responsible). 2. No soot, no open flame, easy to throw cigarette butts. When I can’t find the trash can, I just shove it back into the box without having to carry a portable ashtray. 3. The smoke is small and the taste is small, so it can be sucked on more occasions. Except that I haven’t smoked on the plane, I have smoked in the terminal building, restaurants, non-smoking hotels in Europe, etc. It has no taste at all, no one cares. 4. You can take the plane, you can get off the plane, you don’t have to look for a place to buy a lighter. 5. E-cigarettes are more like cigarettes than most smoking oils. According to the introduction of iqos official website, this cigarette substitute has reduced the harm to the human body to only 10%, and there is no tar and burning damage. Is that true? I also did some corresponding data collection here. Compared with traditional cigarettes, iqos changes the burning mode to heating mode. The difference is that it uses real tobacco. It heats the tobacco to 350 degrees Celsius to generate smoke, instead of burning cigarettes to produce steam. We all know that cigarettes are a serious health hazard. According to statistics from the United States, cigarettes cause 480,000 deaths each year, and the average age of smokers compared with non-smokers is almost 10 years shorter. According to British data, 86% of lung cancers are caused by smoking. So does iqos reduce these harms? iqos only heats tobacco to about 350 degrees, while cigarettes burn to temperatures of 800 to 900 degrees. In clinical studies, users of iqos have lower values ​​than those who use cigarettes by detecting toxin levels in the test subject’s blood and urine.
US news.On April 30, 2019, the FDA issued a document on the official website to officially approve the legal sale of non-burning tobacco equipment and related cartridge products through the IQOS in the United States.

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