Which is the best IQOS bomb? I will tell you after I tasted 11 flavors IQOS and Heets

I have been useing IQOS for a while. Often there will be somebody asking me about the taste of the cartridge, such as which one is good? Which is more like real smoke? Which is more acceptable and so on…

As a “successful person” who succeeded in quitting smoking, I did not dare to make a mess before I personally tasted it. A while ago, I finally made up my mind to open a machine and bought all the flue-fire cartridges (a total of eleven) to make a real experience. and then writed this reviews.

[HEETS] The three boxes on the left side of the white are HEETS brands, and the taste has been indicated on the left side. There are many names on the rivers and lakes, but I always call them “HEETS·Yellow, HEETS·Turquoise, HEETS·Amber.”

[Parliament] The two silver boxes in the middle are the Bailemen brand, a mint, and a blue color. Note that many people are prone to confuse, think that “blue” represents mint, in fact, wrong, blue is the original, fresh is mint.

[Marlboro] The three boxes on the right and the three boxes on the right are the mainstream cigarettes of iQOS – Marlboro, a total of 6 flavors. The price is also the most expensive. What is the taste, I will talk about it later. Let’s first get to know the taste of the cartridge package.

Next, it is the subjective feeling I tasted. This kind of thing is my real experience. But the taste between people is not necessarily the same, so if your experience deviates from me, I won’t argue with you because it doesn’t make sense.

OK, now let’s go …..

▲▲▲[Marlboro thick original flavor]

Most old smokers are worried that the smoke of iqos is light and unresolved, and will try to buy the original flavor of Marlboro in the early stage. But this is not for everyone. According to my own experience and the feedback from my friends, Marlboro’s original taste is rather awkward, and the throat is still strong, and most people can’t accept it for the first time. It is appetizing for the smell of the old smoke gun of the generation of the old. A friend’s father used it as a ration.

A little scent, a little thicker than the original flavor. Very close to the taste and feeling of real smoke, if it is a big mouth in the throat, the throat is still strong. It is the feeling of real tobacco. It is very addictive, but when it comes to the latter part of the smoke, it feels dull and has no taste change.

▲▲▲[Marlboro light taste]

The quality of Marlboro’s original taste is the most seriously ignored by the market. The name given to the market is destined to be unfair to it. If you can re-name, I choose to give him the original title. But everyone is accustomed to it, and my aunt is still called the original flavor. Because of the misinformation, most of the current Chinese market is still relatively small and early adopters, so the overall sales volume is not as good as the original. At the beginning, I thought so too, including taking the initiative to think that he may not be tasteful, but after a long time, I began to feel that this is the most worthwhile one for iqos. It is my ration now. The downside is that it is too expensive.

The light taste is light, I think it is more suitable to describe the faint but obvious scent. Although it is said to be light, it is thicker than the mixed type smoke and lighter than the flue-cured tobacco. Soft but without losing the taste of tobacco, the smooth taste is very pleasant. Although it can’t compare the throat of the flue-cured tobacco, it is enough to make people accept this fresh taste. The most pristine summary is: good pumping, rations.

▲▲▲[Marlboro thick mint]

The thick mint is estimated to suck a cat, and the mint’s ice can last for 10 minutes. Cool! The overall smoke concentration of the thick mint is a little thicker than the original flavor. It is too cool to smoke into the mouth. Basically, it does not feel the taste of tobacco. It is completely chilled by the feeling of being cold. When I smoke, I feel cold and I feel like a popcorn. A little bit of blasting and adding a sense of chewing gum. Have a clear sense of throat, can be addicted! I like the mint and I like it very much. Sometimes it will feel a bit bitter after the pumping, maybe the amount of mint is too big, but the cold is relatively simple, just like the alcohol is applied to the body simply. I like it myself, and I usually wear it with it. After all, I will feel dull when I have been smelling the original. Generally 2-3 pieces of original flavor with a thick mint pumping frequency.

▲▲▲[Marlboro Light Mint]

The reason why it is called light mint is that it may be relative to thick mint. In fact, light mint is not light. Personally feel that it is stronger than the ordinary tobacco mint. The taste is soft, and it has a strong minty taste, but it also tastes the taste of tobacco. Cool and long lasting. After eating the sweetness, it is slightly bitter. I don’t like it very much. I feel a little bit cold like toothpaste. Good friend feedback is better, it is more suitable for people who usually smoke mint.

▲▲▲[Marlboro Blueberry Flavor]

The blueberry flavor is actually not enough. After smoking it, it doesn’t feel much. It may be that I used to smoke blueberry and blasting the pearl to feel the taste. This is only one-fifth of the taste. After the pumping, it was a bit blueberry, and the open box had a blueberry flavor. Other feelings are similar to those of rich mint.

▲▲▲[Marlboro Nutty]

It can be seen from the blueberry blueberry flavor that Marlboro’s scented cigarettes do not perform well on iqos. I don’t feel any nutty flavor first, or I don’t know what the nutty taste should look like. Anyway, the taste is more ordinary, my personal feeling is not much meaning, some merchants are very expensive to speculate, in fact, this is not necessary. If this taste is expensive, I think it can only be said that the source is not much, and it belongs to the category of the test market. I have to say that there is a nutty fragrance, I admit that there is still a little taste. Perhaps it is a slightly richer flue than the original taste.

The smoke of the Marlboro series is basically introduced here. In summary, the smoke of Marlboro is more popular in the market. The goods are also relatively easy to shortage. The price is relatively high. Some people say that there are Japanese local editions and airport duty-free versions. Although I don’t understand it very well, I did encounter the difference between the tight and loose tobacco. There is no change in the taste, but the number of mouths and the richness of the smoke are still a little different.

▲▲▲[Parliament blue original flavor]

This cigarette is the main ration when I am short of money. After all, it was cheaper before, and it is not cheap to be fired now. Pumping up and Marlboro’s light taste is a bit like, but the advantage of Wan Wan is that the smoke is richer, probably related to the design of his mouthpiece, and it is not so dry compared to Marlboro in the throat. The downside is that it doesn’t feel like a force. If you don’t get a few mouthfuls, there is no smoke.

▲▲▲[Parliament fresh mint]

Mint flavor is regular, it is lighter than Marlboro’s light mint, personally feel closer to the mint coolness of Marlboro ordinary smoke. The advantage is the price, the mouthpiece design is interesting, and the feeling is also very useful. The disadvantage is that the number of mouths and the amount of smoke are small. Not very recommended, unless it is really poor.


Many people call this the original taste, and it tastes like real tobacco. The entrance is not rushing, and Marlboro is a bit like the smell of smoke. The aftertaste has a hint of orange scent. Because the structure of the cartridge is wrapped in Lucy paper, it feels very mellow, and the moisture and spilled smoke are wrapped, compared to the dirty rod. The taste is quite unique, and it is not very similar to Marlboro and Paramount. This is my ration when there is no original taste, the price is fair, and the price is high. There is a difference in the version, the Korean version looks more expensive, but it is said that there is not much difference in smoking. I don’t know, I only took the version of Kazakhstan.


It should be in the category of light mint. It’s normal to smoke it. Maybe it’s my habit of pumping Wanbao thick mint. I always feel that this is almost the same. Can only say that it is better than the peppermint of Paramount. The price/performance ratio is not very high. For me, I don’t have the money to think of the mint. It is estimated that I will choose the peppermint of Bailemen.


Jianghu people call the original taste of alcohol, it sounds very high, and it is said that once out of stock out of stock, especially the price, from 3xx to 4xx. Because of the lack of goods and the price, I didn’t buy this cigarette to try. I will have a chance to talk about it later.

The more pumped is the original taste of Marlboro, the original taste of H, the original taste of Paramount, and the mint of Marlboro. If I asked for a ration, the order I chose was the same.

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