Vape reviews: Smok SMOK TFV8 Baby v2 Tank reviews

In the large family of tanks, SMOK’s TFV series atomizers have long been in the forefront of the hot list with their distinctive design, excellent taste and full smoke. In the whole TFV family, TFV8 Baby series tanks The highest rate of appearance is due to its excellent balance of performance, structure, smoke volume, mouthfeel, smoke volume, and volume, making it easier to pair with a variety of mainframes. Therefore, the series of atomizers are used in the explosion-proof suits such as Alien and ProColor. The TFV8 Baby series is also familiar to many players.

Since then, the tank TFV8 series has been given to the TFV12 series. In the past year, it was basically led by TFV12. However, the former king can only take advantage of the TFV8 Baby series, and now take advantage of the advantages of the TFV12 series, two generations. The new generation of TFV8 Baby v2 with product integration is here.

It retains the TFV8 Baby series screw cap oil filling system, compact size, simple 5-piece structure, but also incorporates the TFV12 series oil cap locking system, lantern glass tube design, snake nozzle, mesh core fog The system is also designed, and the nozzle sleeve is newly designed. Simply speaking, the generation is stronger than the first generation.

[Packaging and parameter measurement]:

The TFV8 Baby v2 is packaged in a square box. The background still uses the volcanic eruption map common to the TFV8 series nebulizer, which means strong smoke output, so the overall color is orange-red. The front of the package is TFV8 Baby v2. The actual picture of the chemical device, the color of the main picture and the color of the content are the biggest features of the SMOK packaging. When the box is received, the whole exterior is covered with a disposable plastic sealing film to ensure that the received product is completely new.

[Appearance and structure details]

When I first saw TFV8 Baby v2, I thought it was the new TFV12. However, I saw that the engraving of the upper cover and the base venting adjustment ring is slightly different. It is not the iconic gear of TFV12. In addition, the drip nozzle is not a serpentine drip nozzle. However, the overall appearance, especially the TFV12’s signature cover lock and lantern compartment, is easy to think of a small change of TFV12.

However, from the top, you can find a design that is different from the previous TFV series. The drip nozzle is changed from plug-in to outer-enclosed nesting, which is equivalent to lengthening the metal flue, focusing and cooling the flue gas. Improved, very good update.

The structure also retains the simple style of the TFV family. For daily use, the operation of replacing the atomizing core cleaning atomizer can be completed by simply unscrewing. The assembly is also recommended as shown below. On the seat, screw the glass tube onto the upper cover, so that the two parts are assembled and then the whole atomizer is assembled. This makes it difficult to break the glass tube and so on.

Even if it is completely disassembled, the components of the TFV8 Baby v2 nebulizer are only the nozzle, the top cover, the glass oil bunker, the atomizing core, and the base 5 components, so even if there is no foundation for newcomers, it is easy to get started.

The following is a detailed look at each component in order of component structure.

First of all, the drip mouth, the plain black Teflon nozzle, has a good heat insulation effect, but due to the adjustment of the drip stand structure, the drop nozzle of the TFV8 Baby v2 is different from the previous TFV series. The way is sleeved on the upper cover, so the upper half of the inner diameter of the drip nozzle is smaller, and the lower half is thinned a little larger to fit on the upper cover. In addition, according to the official website, it is similar to TFV12. The series is very beautiful snake mouth can be purchased separately.

The upper cover also adopts a rotary opening cover, and a new anti-missing key lock is added. The dripper seat on the upper edge of the upper cover is no longer concave, but protrudes outward. The advantages have been stated before, and the taste and condensation are applied. Obviously. Since the inner edge of the metal head of the nozzle holder is 510 standard, this allows some standard 510 size nozzles to be inserted, thus changing the original TFV series atomizer. The case of the 810 dropper. However, the lower metal drop nozzles such as the Gomoku drop nozzle cannot be directly inserted under the bottom, and most of the shorter Teflon 510 drop nozzles can be directly inserted into the metal seat. In the inner tube, it is used as a mouth-shaped drip nozzle. At the same time, the following figure can also see a new change of the TFV8 Baby v2 cover. The front side does not see the sealed silicone sheet, but the stainless steel smooth surface, so that the oil It is not easy to remain on the surface of the silicone oil greasy look.

Turning to the back, you can see that the original sealed silicone has been transferred to the back of the top cover, using a new round silicone, which makes it look more tidy from the front. The rest of the cover is made of stainless steel, which is very polished. Workmanship looks quite good.

The glass tube is available in standard lantern compartments and compact straight silos, offering 5ml and 3ml of cigarette oil respectively.

The TFV8 Baby v2 atomizing core also brings a new, different from the previous TFV8 Baby series of finished atomizing core, bringing a stronger smoke performance and a better taste experience. After the test, the second generation TFV8 Baby The atomizing core is not universal, and it can not be used for atomizers such as TFV8 Big Baby and TFV8. In fact, the atomizers including TFV12 Baby Prince and TFV12 Prince have been tried. They are all not universal. New atomizing core developed for TFV8 Baby v2.

The two atomized cores that appeared with the TFV8 Baby v2 package can be seen as A1 and A2 atomized cores from the side of the printing. The former is a large single-hole mesh core, while the latter is a double-shot steel core. However, in terms of structure and shape, it is basically a replica of TFV12 Prince’s new mesh atomizing core Max Mesh and Dual Mesh atomizing core. In this way, the TFV8 Baby series has moved toward the full cloning and extension of the TFV12 Baby Prince atomizer. The route, the similarity between the two is getting higher and higher.

The resistance values ​​are relatively low, 0.17Ω and 0.2Ω respectively. The specifications are suitable for the atomizer standard. The length and the thread diameter and the bottom air intake are the same, but the outer diameter is double core. To be slightly thicker, this shows that the era of uniform appearance of a single series of cores has also turned over, SMOK has come up with a completely different new solution.

From the internal structure, the A1 large single-hole atomizing core adopts a single-shot large-aperture mesh core, and the mesh is very fine. Compared with the previous threaded coil structure, it can bring a larger contact area and a larger advance. The pore size also means a stronger burst and a larger amount of smoke.

The other A2 atomizing core uses a double-hair mesh steel core with a larger grid spacing and a large hexagon shape, which provides lower resistance and larger contact area than conventional coils. And a split-flow heating system for a more layered taste and a greater smoke experience.

Spare parts for the corresponding accessories are also available in the package for emergency use.

[TFV atomizer family comparison]

It is easier to see the evolution of TFV by comparing the TFV8 Baby v2 that appeared today with the TFV family with the highest appearance rate of TFV8 Baby, TFV12 Baby Prince, and TFV12 Prince.

First of all, the TFV8 Baby v2 is similar in length to the TFV8 Baby generation, and looks closer to the TFV12 series.

The first feeling of the TFV8 Baby v2 experience is exquisite and compact, maintaining the consistent fine style of the TFV series. Compared with the TFV8 and TFV12 giants, the TFV8 Baby v2 has a good overall control, and the veil is compared with the veil. Will not be particularly disadvantaged.

Based on such a three-dimensional volume, whether it is with a dual-power host, or a compact portable host, it can easily hold live, visual compatibility is quite good.
SMOK TFV8 Baby v2 atomizer evaluation
In terms of experience, TFV8 Baby v2 maintains the characteristics of a large smoke storage atomizer activated by TFV8 Baby two years ago, which is a dual function of realizing the taste and smoke on the oil atomizer, which can be used for general smoke replacement. The small smoke can also be used for smoke and smoke. But the new two mesh and steel atomized cores bring a better smoke experience and a more delicate taste. At the same time, it is bigger. The nozzle opening, longer flue, and new nozzle design also provide hardware support for this optimization. The overall experience is significantly better than TFV8 Baby, even though it has a slight advantage over the TFV12 Prince series.

The bottom side air intake can bring a very large airflow adjustment range, from very hollow to very tight mouthfeel, which also makes it possible to use between large smoke deep lung suction and smokeless mouthfeel. Switch, just match the ignition time.

After more than a year, TFV8 Baby v2 finally took over the TFV8 Baby’s baton that made the past brilliant, and opened a new Baby journey. It is not a simple upgrade on the TFV8 Baby, it is not just a change on the TFV12. Decoration, but the details of the former, and the introduction of new design concepts, bringing new products, now, it has been with the Species touch set, MAG GRIP butt set, R-KISS minimum double set The suits will be released one after another. I believe that in the coming year, it will eventually gain more favor with its compact size, excellent taste and strong smoke!

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