The American Top 5 vape and their industry status, design style

The American Top 5 vape and their industry status, design style:

1, JUUL (US e-cigarette market share 72%)

Founded: 2015

Industry Position: According to Wells Fargo’s analysis of Nielsen’s sales data, JUUL received 72% of the US e-cigarette market estimated at US$2.3 billion, which does not include online sales. The startup recently raised $650 million in a round of financing, with a valuation of about $15 billion, ranking sixth in US start-ups. In just three years, JUUL became the dominant player in the industry.

Design style: The shape is not the traditional cigarette shape, but the unique design is in the form of a block. The white carton holds the machine, which looks like an extended version of the U disk, and the other box is equipped with four cartridges. There are eight flavors of smoker, ranging from Virginia tobacco, creamy flavors, and mangoes to mixed fruit flavors.

Features: JUUL’s biggest breakthrough is in the chemical level. The tobacco raw material is liquid nicotine with nicotine salt as the core material, instead of the free nicotine in the traditional electronic cigarette. The organic acid added in the raw material can make the inlet smoother and lighter. A tingling sensation on the throat. In terms of channels, JUUL sells on shopping websites, 7-11 convenience stores and e-cigarette stores.

2, British American Tobacco’s Vuse (US e-cigarette market share of 10%)

Founded: 2012

Industry status: Renault America, the second largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States, distributes its first-selling e-cigarette brand through its subsidiary RJ Reynolds Steam Company, but in 2017 Vuse was acquired by British American Tobacco for $49.4 billion. % shares. As a world-renowned e-cigarette brand, Vuse has nearly 70,000 retail outlets.

Design style: The design is close to the cigarette, and its built-in chip can record the number of sucked mouths to remind the user to replace the cartridge.

Features: VUSE electronic cigarettes are easy to name, as long as the battery is pointed at the cartridge, after pressing together, the electronic cigarette is connected. Vuse electronic cigarettes can also use the mobile phone APP to understand the battery usage and the remaining weight of the cartridge. The taste is mainly melon, nectar, plain mint, original flavor and light mint.

3, Altria Group’s MarkTen and Green Smoke (the US electronic cigarette market share of 8%)

Founded: MarkTen was founded in 2014 and Green Smoke was founded in 2009;

Industry status: Altria is the parent company of the famous tobacco giant Philip Morris. The manufacturer of the Marlboro cigarette brand is the largest multinational tobacco company in the United States and the world’s number one.

Design style: Altria Group’s MarkTen electronic cigarette has four holes in the mouthpiece, making the smoke more similar to traditional cigarettes. And Green Smoke, the shape is relatively simple.

Features: MarkTen has been launched since the launch of new products, and has been committed to e-cigarette flavors and product upgrades, such as the launch of MarkTenXL, which has a battery life of 2 times that of the original, packaging and real smoke are also very similar, including summer passion, winter mint, classic, Menthol has four flavors. Green Smoke relies heavily on Internet sales and is extremely demanding on taste.

4, Blu E-cigs of Imperial Tobacco Group

Founded: 2009

Industry status: In 2015, Imperial Tobacco acquired $1 billion in electronic cigarettes from Renault USA.

Design style: The design of the cigarette case is very user-friendly, it is small and beautiful, easy to carry, simple black shape, and iconic blue LED light, which has a good hint. When there are other e-cigarians nearby, or a store that replaces the cassette, the box will start flashing to alert the user.

Features: Blu official website provides 13 different flavors of tobacco, mint, blueberry, cherry, etc., nicotine content is also different, the price is 14.99 US dollars / box, a box of three cartridges, a cigarette can pump about 400, It is roughly equivalent to 2 boxes of regular cigarettes.Japan Tobacco Company Logic

5, Japan Tobacco Company – Logic

Founded: 2010

Industry Position: Logic is a leading e-cigarette manufacturer in the United States and was acquired by Japan Tobacco International in April 2015.

Design style: “Logic Power” four flavors of smoke cartridges, and two kinds of no nicotine; “Logic Pro” new electronic cigarette, cartridges are easy to fill, easy to use and carry; “Logic LQD” exclusive innovative double coil & The smoke oil transfer design is easy to fill.

Features: Sales of the word, rechargeable, closed-tube system and open-tube system, including Logic Pro mechanical electronic cigarette, providing tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla, berries, mint, strawberry and many other flavors .

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