Reversal: Trump supports e-cigarettes, but how to solve fraud is the primary problem

On the evening of September 13, US President Trump issued a tweet saying: “I prefer atomized e-cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes, but we need to ensure that this alternative is safe for everyone. Let us take counterfeit goods from Clear the market and keep our children away from e-cigarettes!”

More than 12,800 people have left a message under this tweet, and 61,500 people like it. Some of them said: “The e-cigarette successfully helped me to quit smoking for 25 years, and my lungs became clean.” Another 63-year-old man said: “I have not smoked cigarettes for 3 years. This low nicotine product makes people feel better.”

Investor Michael Coudrey said, “I don’t want over-regulation to harm e-cigarette owners or dealers. Because of the 6 deaths caused by e-cigarettes, the number of deaths caused by traditional tobacco is 600,000 per year.”

At the White House petition online, a signing action to request Trump to ban the signing of the “flavored electronic cigarette” ban has also made a breakthrough. The action launched on September 11th local time, the number of signatures has exceeded 100,000. According to relevant regulations, the White House needs to make an official reply to the petition within 60 days.

A bit of what the President of the United States is embarrassing is that the British newspaper “Evening standard” released a gossip: Trump wants to block the “flavored electronic cigarette” because his wife found the little son good. The First Lady has been concerned about child health and drug addiction, and she has repeatedly expressed concern about children’s use of e-cigarettes.

Therefore, the president made a high-profile statement on Twitter: the tendency to ban “flavoring products” – mainly e-cigarettes of various fruit flavors – to be listed in the United States. Earlier, the US media reported that six people in the country were suspected of dying from the lung problems caused by e-cigarettes, pushing the product with a 15% penetration rate in the United States to the forefront.

Trump’s attitude towards the e-cigar industry has suddenly reversed, perhaps from another perspective that the US government is considering the issue of its normative development from a global perspective.

After Trump’s first voice on e-cigarettes, global public opinion has been polarized. One party should classify e-cigarettes and cigarettes into one category, and the other party should show that the e-cigarettes with standard ingredients are much less harmful to people than traditional tobacco. They are good substitutes for tobacco. development of.
So, what is the comparison between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes? The most authoritative report should come from the World Health Organization. In July of this year, WHO released the 2019 Global Tobacco Epidemic Report, which reads: Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes produce less harm. If fixed smokers can completely replace cigarettes with well-regulated e-cigarettes, The toxic effects may be small, but not harmless.

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