Juul e-cigarette: challenge traditional cigarettes with intelligence

Pax Labs, a company in San Francisco, USA, launched a new smart e-cigarette Juul. In the market, e-cigarettes are not uncommon, and Juul’s advantage lies in the word smart. Juul is known as smart e-cigarette because it mimics the experience that traditional cigarettes bring to people.
The tobacco raw material in Juul is liquid nicotine with nicotine salt as the core material, instead of the free nicotine in the traditional electronic cigarette. The organic acid added in the raw material can make the user feel smooth when smoking. Juul’s advantage over other e-cigarettes is that it is equipped with a temperature regulation system that does not give the smoker a sense of discomfort.

In terms of design, Juul is also simple and intuitive. It uses a small rectangular design. Like a USB flash drive, you can use USB to charge Juul. There is a small light in front of Juul, and the device is tapped twice. The small lights emit different colors of light, representing different amounts of power, prompting the user if they need to charge. When fully charged, you can take 200 mouths, which is equivalent to the amount of a box of traditional cigarettes.
Juul offers users four flavors. In addition to the main unit, this entry-level kit includes four liquid nicotine cartridges and a USB charger for $49.99. An additional liquid nicotine cartridge is also available for retail sale at $15.99. E-cigarettes have been popular for more than five years, but the industry still does not have the same standard of regulation as prescription drugs, food, cosmetics, etc. For this issue, Pax Labs said they support the relevant agencies to supervise because they believe their The product is safe and healthy.
As for whether Juul can change the status quo of the e-cigarette market, it will take time to verify.

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