How to choose a good Vape tanks for Novice?

The rich taste experience brought by the multi-flavored electronic cigarette smoke oil constantly brings the freshness of the electronic cigarette user, and the performance of the smoke oil taste largely depends on the ability of the atomizer. Electronic cigarette users refer to some atomizers with excellent mouthfeel performance as “mouth atomizers”. In the early days, many electronic cigarette users will immediately think of the finished classic Nautilus series, while DIY atomizers have More choices such as the KF series.

With the change in the proportion of smoke oil VG and the development of atomizer size, structure and fancy coils, the early definition of mouth atomizers is no longer applicable to all atomizer products. Although the definition of the mouth atomizer is no longer so precise, but based on the demand for mouthfeel performance, it is still possible to summarize the characteristics necessary for some mouth atomizers according to user needs.
How to choose the electronic cigarette mouth atomizer, three points to choose the best recommended atomizer
Feature 1: The atomization core is easy to learn.
The important reference factor for choosing a nebulizer is the difficulty in making the atomizing core. In the early days, many players chose Gomoku instead of Rose V2S to select the easier atomization core making process of Gomoku. Whether it’s an oil storage or a drip atomizer, the easy-to-learn atomizing core is designed to allow novices to get up and running quickly, and allows users to spend less time on the production of the atomizing core.
Feature 2: Easy replacement of smoke oil and atomizing core
Such as the structure of the Elf RTA and the Merlin MINI atomizer, when the atomizing core is aging, the oil tank can be inverted, and the atomizing core can be cleaned or replaced without waste of smoke oil. The replacement of the oil atomizer smoke oil is not as convenient as the drip atomizer, but the simple disassembly and decomposition like the Elf RTA provides users with the convenience of trying more smoke oil.
Feature 3: Excellent intake air adjustment
Although the appearance of the fancy coil makes many drip atomizers have a very strong mouthfeel performance, for the smaller oil storage atomizer of the fog flower bin, the use of ordinary coils can also achieve a rich taste performance, and The power used is much lower than the drip atomizer. At the same time, the oil storage atomizer’s air intake can be adjusted very well, such as the Elf RTA and other atomizers can even meet the needs of mouth suction. Reasonable air intake can provide comfortable suction resistance and ensure the rich taste of the atomizer.
Novices recommend the use of finished atomizers, almost no need to maintain the taste is not right, directly replace a brand new atomization core, for lazy students is simply an artifact, stable performance, taste will not change much, the worst The situation is also leaking oil…
If you like to play and like DIY students, then it is recommended to use RBA nebulizer. The enthusiasts are basically one person, and they have high playability. A kind of smoke oil can pump ten kinds of tastes out of the box and enjoy the fun of DIY.

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