How about IQOS e-cigarettes can help stop smoking?

I don’t really have much research on e-cigarettes, but I have been hooked on iqos e-cigarettes for some time.

In fact, I didn’t smoke e-cigarettes before, but because the physical examination report found that the physical condition was not as good as before, I could only use an electronic cigarette to ease the smoking habit, so Iqos e-cigarette, which claims to be able to filter 95% of tar, became my Preferred.

Indeed, this piece of health is my main consideration. The e-cigarette I bought is the fourth generation 3.0 version of iqos. It is mainly through the method of adding the cartridge, and then by heating and not burning, and finally extracting the tar produced after heating, the filtration effect is achieved. The so-called “filtering more than 95% of tar” is actually a method of extraction.

In addition to the advantage of being healthier than other e-cigarettes, in addition, this e-cigarette can do without second-hand smoke, which is also my satisfaction.

Because the traditional feature of their home is that the heating does not burn, this is also mentioned in the front. The heated cartridge is heated up by a built-in heater to reach the temperature required to generally ignite the cigarette, and the same taste can be produced. But because it is not burning, there will be no smog, so even if you smoke indoors, it will not produce irritating second-hand smoke, which is more humane. In addition, because there is no second-hand smoke, there will be no smell of smoke that is lingering on the whole person after smoking. Even if you sneak a cigarette outside, you may return home and your family will not find it.

If you smell it carefully, you can only smell a little burning smell.
Finally, after I bought the iqos e-cigarette for the first few reasons, I unexpectedly found that it also had some small surprises in design. For example, the side of his outer casing can be opened with a light case, and the electronic cigarette inside will not fall out, but it is easy to remove. And the outer casing can be dismantled, even if you are not satisfied with the color when you buy it, you can replace it yourself.

So in general, this iqos e-cigarette version 3.0 makes me more satisfied. If there are friends who are entangled, you can not hesitate to bravely start, the result will not let you down.

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