Juul, the e-cigarette leader, plans to further lay off employees and plans to withdraw from the European and Asian markets

American e-cigarette giant Juul said on Wednesday that it is planning a new round of substantial layoffs and is considering stopping sales in Europe and Asia. This may mean that Juul is considering withdrawing from the markets of 11 countries and regions, including Italy, Germany, and Russia, and na[……]

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Would like to know if IQOS is harmful? Is it helpful to quit smoking?

Recently, many friends are using e-cigarettes from IQOS. They claim that they are different from traditional e-cigarette e-cigarettes in that they heat tobacco rather than burn tobacco. According to developer Philip Morris, 90-95% of harmful substances can be reduced. Now popular in Japan, Europe, a[……]

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Reversal: Trump supports e-cigarettes, but how to solve fraud is the primary problem

On the evening of September 13, US President Trump issued a tweet saying: “I prefer atomized e-cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes, but we need to ensure that this alternative is safe for everyone. Let us take counterfeit goods from Clear the market and keep our children away from e-cigaret[……]

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Vape reviews: Smok SMOK TFV8 Baby v2 Tank reviews

In the large family of tanks, SMOK’s TFV series atomizers have long been in the forefront of the hot list with their distinctive design, excellent taste and full smoke. In the whole TFV family, TFV8 Baby series tanks The highest rate of appearance is due to its excellent balance of performance, str[……]

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How to maintain e-cigarettes, instructions for using VAPE

How to maintain electronic cigarettes, instructions for using electronic cigarettes:
After the electronic cigarette main engine has undergone development stages such as voltage regulation, temperature control and super power, the electronic cigarette main board technology has gradually matured. At p[……]

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How to choose a good Vape tanks for Novice?

The rich taste experience brought by the multi-flavored electronic cigarette smoke oil constantly brings the freshness of the electronic cigarette user, and the performance of the smoke oil taste largely depends on the ability of the atomizer. Electronic cigarette users refer to some atomizers with[……]

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Juul e-cigarette: challenge traditional cigarettes with intelligence

Pax Labs, a company in San Francisco, USA, launched a new smart e-cigarette Juul. In the market, e-cigarettes are not uncommon, and Juul’s advantage lies in the word smart. Juul is known as smart e-cigarette because it mimics the experience that traditional cigarettes bring to people.
The tobacco r[……]

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Which is the best IQOS bomb? I will tell you after I tasted 11 flavors IQOS and Heets

I have been useing IQOS for a while. Often there will be somebody asking me about the taste of the cartridge, such as which one is good? Which is more like real smoke? Which is more acceptable and so on…

As a “successful person” who succeeded in quitting smoking, I did not dare to make a mess bef[……]

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How about IQOS e-cigarettes can help stop smoking?

I don’t really have much research on e-cigarettes, but I have been hooked on iqos e-cigarettes for some time.

In fact, I didn’t smoke e-cigarettes before, but because the physical examination report found that the physical condition was not as good as before, I could only use an electronic c[……]

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The American Top 5 vape and their industry status, design style

The American Top 5 vape and their industry status, design style:

1, JUUL (US e-cigarette market share 72%)

Founded: 2015

Industry Position: According to Wells Fargo’s analysis of Nielsen’s sales data, JUUL received 72% of the US e-cigarette market estimated at US$2.3 billion, which does[……]

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